Daisy Dukes

Today is the day i long waited for, absented myself from work. Family swimming! not yet had enough summer ūüė¶

so before it ends, allow me to enjoy!

Bikini on! Daisy dukes bikini’s on top




“It’s more Fun-tastic in Subic, Philipppines”

It was 12 midnight but everyone‚Äôs eyes was still wide open; the usual busy night street had yet become busier, flooded with excited people preparing and midnight almost felt like noon although the sun was constantly kept hidden. ¬†I along with my mom, boyfriend and friend were the few of those who planned to join the whole barangay‚Äôs outing where every person was invited to join. It sounds awkward at first to join hundreds of people whom not everyone was a close friend but I insisted to come, it will be a once in a lifetime experience, a unique one, another different journey‚ÄĒOne part of exploring the adventurous world and it was my first time to join a barangay outing.


1 a.m.: assembly time

2:30 a.m.: departure

6 a.m.: arrival at Olongapo, Subic- Philippines.

Bus ExperienceDays before the outing, I eavesdropped. I heard that the bus we will be using to reach Subic will be the ordinary bus, imagine a 36 degrees celcius temperature combined with no-aircon bus,.  After seeing the bus with my naked eyes, I had proven the hearsay was right, it was ordinary, it looks old and I assumed that we might be like sardines inside placed in an oven to be toasted. People assembled outside at 1 a.m., everyone hurried as they wanted to be the first to ride. There’s a seating capacity and a seat number for everyone however the seat was not enough for all the passengers making the vehicle very crowded because many people decided to join almost the last-minute, and include one of my friend, Melissa and my boyfriend, Jonas to that.


Beside me were my boyfriend, Jonas, then my friend, Melissa and my mom


Our crowded situation, but we’re settled

The Arrival

It was after sunrise– The air was crisp, fresh and the heat was good when we arrived in Subic.


¬†After reaching the place, I and my friend Melisa were disappointed because people were disorder, we can’t even find the cottage where we should stay. People had their own faction and for a minute, we were like an outcast and marginalized but not after we found our own cottage. The first ¬†hour was boring until we decided to explore and walk until we reached the isolated end, it was peaceful, awesome and fantastic. The water was clear, place was clean, It made us happy. We took pictures of ourselves, we have had our own photo shoot.

Drink till’ you drop

¬†After the photo shoot, it’s another time for session and alcohol. one Mojitos Tequila¬†partnered¬†with calamansi juice and three bottle of gin mixed with brown coffee and melon juice. Before all the bottles were finished, we just can’t stop laughing and that was an indication of the alcohol’s effect. It was a fun-filled moment, I almost don’t want that to end.

While Drinking (Somehow sober):

Alcohol started to influence us: We started to made fun of other people

More photos to be uploaded in my next blog! ūüôā

As much as I want to, I cant.

I realize how my life will be without my laptop and the internet, it will be bloody miserable!

Haven’t been blogging for days for the very reason that my laptop’s charges screwed up and I still has not¬†bought¬†a new one for a different reason again, I’m also¬†bloody¬†busy.

I’ve been working from morning until afternoon (internship), covering different events, attending press conferences and working out in the gym ¬†afterward. I’m also miserable because I can’t fully enjoy summer. Poor me! But one thing’s for sure, I am happy with I am doing although it really exhausts me.

My time is very limited that’s why I cannot talk much, but I will blog regularly soon.

-Marjorie xoxo.

The 7-day Diet Program

Summer is fast-approaching, do you have swimming schedules week from now and wants to be in your bikini? Then this diet program is helpful to make you lose 10-12 pounds in a week. But keep in mind, this should not be a permanent diet because I admit that it is not so healthy if you will do it regularly. I have tried this last summer however, I gave up on the fifth day but I was still able to lose 5 pounds. In addition, this 1-week diet is also a cleansing and detox process.

According to my research, (http://www.my7daydiet.com/7_day_diet_day_1.html)

Day 1:

>Eat only any variety of fruits except banana. 

Explanation-The first day starts with fruit because it is a natural way to normalize the body and prepare it for the upcoming days of the diet.Fruits have multiple benefits ‚Äď they are fat free and are low in calories compared to other foods most of us normally eat. Fruits also flush out the system thereby enhancing the detox process.

Day 2:

-Eat variety of vegetables, stir-fry or salad.

(Start the day with one baked or boiled potato to make up for loss of energy from Day One. Upto one teaspoon of olive oil can be used as salad dressing today.)

Explanation- This day starts off with a baked potato since all you have had the previous day is fruit which is easily digested. The potato ensures you have energy for the day as well as energy to continue to remain on the diet. The vegetables you will eat today are for fibre as well as nutrition. Vegetables have a moderate quantity of carbohydrates  Рbut more importantly, they are rich in minerals and vitamins. The fibre activates your system for the detox process.

Day 3:

>Fruits and vegetables ‚Äď as much as you want. No bananas and no potatoes

Explanation-¬†Your body chemistry is changing because you are not getting any refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, excessive sodium and artificial¬†flavor¬†enhancers and additives. Your body is getting completely natural nutrition ‚Äď which will optimize the weight loss process.

Day 4:

> Bananas and milk only (upto 8 bananas and 3 glasses skim milk)

Explanation- Day 4 is meant to make up for the reduced levels of calcium (from milk), potassium (from bananas) and carbohydrates and fibre (from bananas). Although you are allowed to have 8 bananas today, you might not have the craving to eat all the bananas.

Day 5:

>Finally, you can have a piece of meat/fish either grilled or baked with lots of tomatoes

Explanation-¬†Today is the day to make up for all the protein in your system. The meat will give you protein and if you consume fish, you will get your share of Omega 3 Fatty acids which do wonders for health. The tomatoes give you fibre and minerals ‚Äď in particular lycopene which is a super-food for the human body. Eating the tomatoes will also aid in flushing out the system.

Day 6: 

> Protein and vegetables. Same as Day Five except, add more vegetables.

explanation-¬†Day 6 is a lot like Day 5 ‚Äď only that you need to eat as many vegetables instead of restricting yourself to tomatoes.

Day 7: The easiest!!! 

>¬†Fruits, vegetables and juices. Consume an assortment of fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices. Half a cup of brown rice is optional ‚Äď but not recommended.

Explanation- You are now on your last day of the diet. You might feel a little weak this morning because your body has not consumed too much carbohydrate in the last 2 days. Today, you can eat fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices. Brown rice is optional but not recommended if you want to see weight loss.

Additional note: If you are craving, you can include the “wonder soup” in your diet and can consume that soup everyday. You can research for the recipe of¬†wonder soup.

Good luck, I hope I can also do this program before summer ends but I tend to eat a lot that’s why I am just sharing this. Hugs & Kisses!