Shenanigans on a Saturday Night

What’s Saturday without little naughtiness and excitement?

With them all.

Lhan’s 20th. People get old, That’s reality


When fun is just about to start

From left to right: Shirim.Luvim.Myself.Lhan (The celebrant). Ferdie.John

More photos:


The Crazy girls:


And for the win…

Cheers! Happy birthday Lhan! 🙂 





I’m a girl turned lesbian

But I am just kidding, I’m a girl and I will never like someone in the same gender.

One of our random night out

I don’t know why the photo looks somehow intimate, but’s not. When we are drunk, we kiss, Smack. As in, without any malice. Hahahahaha We are lunatic!

Today is Another Day!

Dear Diary,

I doubt it if I can still write later because my schedule is full and I will be busy. Hihihi After blogging I will go to gym and afterward to my dentist to claim my retainer and will come home to fix myself for tonight’s party with college friends. Another day without him, another day to be courageous.

First, I don’t know why party sets my mood, I always look forward to Saturday because I know it is time to be wild and free. I drink not because I love the alcohol’s taste or it’s aftermath. I drink because it’s fun to be yourself and express it when under the influence of alcohol, It’s easy to bond and mingle with people unlike when I am still sober. I party be with my friends and to also grab the chance to meet new friends.I’m legal for tequila shots you know.

Second, Before anything else, I can’t forget working out. The task that has never been removed in my to-do list. To perspire is the best way to release stress and body toxic.

Third, It has been one week and four days since my boyfriend left for Thailand Vacation, 2 and a half week to go! And I never expect that I will miss him this much, the whole idea of enjoying summer with your boyfriend makes me long for him. He’s always been my travel mate, the on-the-go boyfriend; be it an unexpected swimming or planned dinner.

Fourth, I want to be happy today.

Much Love,