Can you be happy? Oh well, ask yourself.

Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes scream and sometimes give up. But life has so much to offer and with every trials coming my way, the more I get stronger, the more I get to know myself. I always ask this question…” Can people love me the way they love him, her, or you?” but then I realized, No. Because we are unique people, we all have our own life. But what bothers me the most is the fact that I can never know if there were people who are really true to me, or if they..where are they? Should I always be left alone?

But somehow, I’ve learned my lesson. It’s not about how many people love you, it’s not about the thousand faces saying how pretty you are, it’s not about how many hands waved as you pass by. It is all about those few people, who are true to you. Numbers do not always matter, and we should realize that the earliest time possible. I spent months or even years trying to please people, or instead make them like me. But it’s never the solution. We should know that we cannot make people like us, the same as we cannot make people hate us if they were really in love with us or something. Right?

Plain and simple: Be contentwith very little that you get, because that is the easiest way to gain happinness.