Shenanigans on a Saturday Night

What’s Saturday without little naughtiness and excitement?

With them all.

Lhan’s 20th. People get old, That’s reality


When fun is just about to start

From left to right: Shirim.Luvim.Myself.Lhan (The celebrant). Ferdie.John

More photos:


The Crazy girls:


And for the win…

Cheers! Happy birthday Lhan! 🙂 





3 Days to go and you’ll get older, Advance Happy Birthday

3-freaking-days-to-go, 3. Three.

Before Smantha Chloe Beltran’s Birthday

Writer’s block,  the proper term I can think of after minutes of just staring at the screen without knowing how to start my paragraph, so this is it. I’ll start it this way.  Yah, this is the start. For real. And here it goes. NAKAKAWRITER’S BLOCK DIN PALA ANG PAGIISIP NG INTRODUCTION PARA KAY SAM HAHAH CHOS 

I know a girl named Sam or babe as i refer to her, and she will be getting a year older this coming November 29 and we have decided to combine our messages through my blog as a part of our countdown for her birthday. Well, it is a rare situation where we can meet people who can always be real, down-to-earth and humble which I assume best describes Sam just like the rarity of birthdays. We only celebrate our birthday once a year and we should make people we love feel special, and babe I want you to know that you are very very special.

Here’s a message from myself along with alex’s, arra’s and meryl’s.

Hi Sam! I think we’ve been classmates since my first sem in AB but really got to be close only this year. But still, you’ve been so nice to me since day one and I know that I could always come to you should I need someone to talk to. Know that the inverse holds true as well. Hate to go nostalgic this early but there are just few months left and I’ll miss having you guys around so often when graduation comes. But in any case, I know we’ll be friends even long after that. Happy birthday 😉;-) wish you only the best. Love you girl.



as i remember this was the first picture you edited for me. I really feel so blessed to have not just a friend, but a sister like you. We do have a lot of differences, but we have the same heart. I will always admire you and be your number one fan. Eh kasi ang ganda mo! inside and out, at kanino ka pa ba magmamana? Syempre alam na! haha. I will never break your heart, i promise. But in case, i will..asahan mo hindi ko intention yan, coz never kong ginusto na saktan ka. I will be your protector (alam mo naman na macho ko). I will be your supporter. And I will be your SISTERLOO forever. Loveyou! :]]



Happy birthday Samantha Chloe Beltran! Kelangan talaga buo? Di pwedeng Sam lang? Hahaha. Ano ba pwedeng sabihin. 2:30am na kasi. Nakainum pa ko. Gusto ko na matulog. Charot 🙂:))) Dahil mahalaga ka, gagawin ko to para sayo. Hmmm. Senyo nila Zia, Marj at Arra ikaw yung pinakauna kong nakilala nung lumipat ako sa Ust. Naging kaklase kita sa major subject natin kay Tuble. Dun ka nakaupo sa likod. Tuwid pa hair mo tapos katabi mo si Patsy. Magmula nun lagi kitang knkwentuhan ng mga lalaki ko. Alala mo pa yun? Hahaha. Ngayun iba na. Mejo na-lessen na yung ganun natin pero kahit ganun hindi naman nawala kulitan nating dalawa. Malihim ka nung time na yon. Hindi ka pala-kwento. Sobrang mysterious mo 🙂:))) Gusto ko magthank you for being a good friend dahil alam kong hindi ka backstabber and totoo ka. Thanks rin dahil good listener ka pag nagkkwento ako about kay Lenard. Salamat 🙂:) Gusto ko malaman mo na andito lang ako para sayo incase na may prob kayo ni Det. Kasi sabi ni Arra meron? Quiet ka lang kasi kapag may problema kaya hindi ko alam kung okay lang kayo. Pero minsan feeling ko hindi mo na kelangan ng mga advice ko ganyan kasi I consider you a strong person. Seryoso 🙂:)  Sana magcelebrate ka ng bday mo ng friday oh saturday 😦:( Hirap kasi ng wednesday 😐 :)))))) Bago ako magbye bye may naalala akong sinabe mo sakin nung 3rd yr tayo. Nung maikli pa buhok ko. Sabi mo, Alex ang ganda mo, nakakatibo ka. Hahaha. F na F? Hindi nakalimutan? Hahaha. Tuwa ako sayo nun :))))) Anywayssssss, sige na, matutulog na kami ng asawa ko. Maligayang kaarawan ulit Saming!! Stay charming!! Wag ka sana magbago kapag nakagraduate na tayo 😉;) Love youuuuu!!


Hi babe,

It sounds crazy how we’ve already been classmates before but it took how many semesters before we actually get along. You’ve been a real friend and a great listener. I’ll never forget how we had a very long conversation about our personal life specifically about our family. May mga similiarities tayo kaya i think isa yun sa mga reasons kung bakit of all the few people, isa ka sa mga nakakaalam about my family and my other shenanigans.

I remember the word “dilapidated” na sinabi ni mam Villadolin last week (I hope i spelled her surname right). I HOPE OUR FRIENDSHIP WILL NEVER BE DILAPIDATED LIKE MANY ROADS IN THE METRO.  I love you and will always will. I’m always here to listen kapag may problems and sana mas maging open ka. xoxo


I hope we will  always stay intact , just like this. 

For a real friend, Enjoy your birthday! 

Can you be happy? Oh well, ask yourself.

Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes scream and sometimes give up. But life has so much to offer and with every trials coming my way, the more I get stronger, the more I get to know myself. I always ask this question…” Can people love me the way they love him, her, or you?” but then I realized, No. Because we are unique people, we all have our own life. But what bothers me the most is the fact that I can never know if there were people who are really true to me, or if they..where are they? Should I always be left alone?

But somehow, I’ve learned my lesson. It’s not about how many people love you, it’s not about the thousand faces saying how pretty you are, it’s not about how many hands waved as you pass by. It is all about those few people, who are true to you. Numbers do not always matter, and we should realize that the earliest time possible. I spent months or even years trying to please people, or instead make them like me. But it’s never the solution. We should know that we cannot make people like us, the same as we cannot make people hate us if they were really in love with us or something. Right?

Plain and simple: Be contentwith very little that you get, because that is the easiest way to gain happinness.

Georgina Wilson is Leighton Meester’s Counterpart, Shares Beauty Secrets

Local ‘it girl’ Georgina Wilson believes she’s happier to being herself despite being described as the Filipino counterpart of Gossip Girl’s main character Leighton Meester.

“I think she (Leighton) is very pretty but I think the best thing to do is to be happy about your self, so I’m happy and good just the Georgina Wilson of the Philippines,” Filipino-British Model and VJ said in a meet and greet for Garnier in Robinson’s Ermita.

Apparently, Georgina related she used to watch the American hit series Gossip Girl frequently where Meester plays Blair Waldorf, the insecure queen B of Manhattan’s social scene. Meester is in the country to be the fashion ambassador for local clothing brand, Penshoppe.

Beauty and Success

 When asked how she remains beautiful and fit amid busy schedules she said: “Besides taking care of your skin, you need to sleep enough, sometimes when you’re stress, kumakain ka ng bad food diba? And just try not to sweat the small stuff, wag kang mastress ng madali.”

In fact she shared that she has enough appetite for pizza and rice but makes sure she goes to gym afterwards, “I eat a lot but I try myself to stop eating because sometimes when I get full, I just want to sleep.”

Although Georgina is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful icon in the fashion industry, she admitted having insecurities and even experienced being chubby when she was younger.

“It’s only normal to have those insecurities; it’s how you handle those moments.  I do go through days when I feel really, really ugly. Life has its ups and downs, For me, for example Jennifer Lopez is perfect and never feels ugly or anything , but when I hear her say stuff like ‘it’s not always like this’ or ‘it’s just an image.’ I feel like I can relate with her more because it’s so true. It’s not like just because people perceive you to be beautiful, it does not mean that you didn’t go through any insecurities in your life.” she said.

“If you really feel good about yourself and you look good, then it really has repercussions on your success and on your general motivation,” she disclosed.

Morning Workout :)

I’m finally done with my morning workout, this is a new routine since I always used to go to gym at night. I am a senior student who has a class from afternoon until night, screw that schedule. But at least I can still have time for sweating! Now I’m off to my internship then to school. I’m just a busy person but I’m no Superwoman Hahahah though som say I am like one.

If I am overusing my body, I hope someday it can forgive me.

Got to go! 🙂

I’m a girl turned lesbian

But I am just kidding, I’m a girl and I will never like someone in the same gender.

One of our random night out

I don’t know why the photo looks somehow intimate, but’s not. When we are drunk, we kiss, Smack. As in, without any malice. Hahahahaha We are lunatic!

God exists.

(An excerpt from a column in the manila bulletin newspaper)

There was a little old lady who would step out on her porch everyday and prayed, “Lord, please send me some food.” An atheist next door belittled her saying, “You, fool. There is no God.” Yet, the little old lady continued.

The next morning, she want outside, and there found a big bang of food. The atheist stepped out and said, “There is no God; I bought those groceries!

The old lady then lifted her arms and said, “Thank you Lord you sent me groceries even if you have to do it through the devil.”

Indeed, God exists. We may not see him, but he has his own way of helping us. 

God is good, all the time.