Can you be happy? Oh well, ask yourself.

Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes scream and sometimes give up. But life has so much to offer and with every trials coming my way, the more I get stronger, the more I get to know myself. I always ask this question…” Can people love me the way they love him, her, or you?” but then I realized, No. Because we are unique people, we all have our own life. But what bothers me the most is the fact that I can never know if there were people who are really true to me, or if they..where are they? Should I always be left alone?

But somehow, I’ve learned my lesson. It’s not about how many people love you, it’s not about the thousand faces saying how pretty you are, it’s not about how many hands waved as you pass by. It is all about those few people, who are true to you. Numbers do not always matter, and we should realize that the earliest time possible. I spent months or even years trying to please people, or instead make them like me. But it’s never the solution. We should know that we cannot make people like us, the same as we cannot make people hate us if they were really in love with us or something. Right?

Plain and simple: Be contentwith very little that you get, because that is the easiest way to gain happinness.


Georgina Wilson is Leighton Meester’s Counterpart, Shares Beauty Secrets

Local ‘it girl’ Georgina Wilson believes she’s happier to being herself despite being described as the Filipino counterpart of Gossip Girl’s main character Leighton Meester.

“I think she (Leighton) is very pretty but I think the best thing to do is to be happy about your self, so I’m happy and good just the Georgina Wilson of the Philippines,” Filipino-British Model and VJ said in a meet and greet for Garnier in Robinson’s Ermita.

Apparently, Georgina related she used to watch the American hit series Gossip Girl frequently where Meester plays Blair Waldorf, the insecure queen B of Manhattan’s social scene. Meester is in the country to be the fashion ambassador for local clothing brand, Penshoppe.

Beauty and Success

 When asked how she remains beautiful and fit amid busy schedules she said: “Besides taking care of your skin, you need to sleep enough, sometimes when you’re stress, kumakain ka ng bad food diba? And just try not to sweat the small stuff, wag kang mastress ng madali.”

In fact she shared that she has enough appetite for pizza and rice but makes sure she goes to gym afterwards, “I eat a lot but I try myself to stop eating because sometimes when I get full, I just want to sleep.”

Although Georgina is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful icon in the fashion industry, she admitted having insecurities and even experienced being chubby when she was younger.

“It’s only normal to have those insecurities; it’s how you handle those moments.  I do go through days when I feel really, really ugly. Life has its ups and downs, For me, for example Jennifer Lopez is perfect and never feels ugly or anything , but when I hear her say stuff like ‘it’s not always like this’ or ‘it’s just an image.’ I feel like I can relate with her more because it’s so true. It’s not like just because people perceive you to be beautiful, it does not mean that you didn’t go through any insecurities in your life.” she said.

“If you really feel good about yourself and you look good, then it really has repercussions on your success and on your general motivation,” she disclosed.

Morning Workout :)

I’m finally done with my morning workout, this is a new routine since I always used to go to gym at night. I am a senior student who has a class from afternoon until night, screw that schedule. But at least I can still have time for sweating! Now I’m off to my internship then to school. I’m just a busy person but I’m no Superwoman Hahahah though som say I am like one.

If I am overusing my body, I hope someday it can forgive me.

Got to go! 🙂

I’m a girl turned lesbian

But I am just kidding, I’m a girl and I will never like someone in the same gender.

One of our random night out

I don’t know why the photo looks somehow intimate, but’s not. When we are drunk, we kiss, Smack. As in, without any malice. Hahahahaha We are lunatic!

God exists.

(An excerpt from a column in the manila bulletin newspaper)

There was a little old lady who would step out on her porch everyday and prayed, “Lord, please send me some food.” An atheist next door belittled her saying, “You, fool. There is no God.” Yet, the little old lady continued.

The next morning, she want outside, and there found a big bang of food. The atheist stepped out and said, “There is no God; I bought those groceries!

The old lady then lifted her arms and said, “Thank you Lord you sent me groceries even if you have to do it through the devil.”

Indeed, God exists. We may not see him, but he has his own way of helping us. 

God is good, all the time.

Kite Flying Festival

Spongebob and ‘Mulawin’ Inspired Designs Win Kite Flying Festival


Yes, spongebob can fly in the air only that it is made of paper and stick. It turns out as it was smoothly maneuvered aerially by a 10-year-old boy who brought home the award in the non-professional category of a kite flying competition organized by Camella in Taguig last May 26.

Fifth grader Angelito Pascua won the grand prize sweeping off 19 other brightly-colored big kites, he learned flying kite when he was eight but admitted having joined the competition for the first time.

There is also no stopping Edwin Penaranda for bringing home the grand prize in the professional category with his ‘mulawin’ inspired kite who contended against almost fifteen kites, winning for him can be sweeter the seventh time around.

Edwin shared kite flying is not easy as people see it because it requires great balancing in the air but said: “Masarap magpalipad ng saranggola, nakakawala ng problema at stress sa katawan”.

“My kite flying interest was influenced by my grandparents, I started doing my kite using ‘banana Q’ sticks and broom, sometimes I also used parts of broken umbrella,” Penaranda said.

Everyone’s mood was set as the afternoon sky was decorated with different kites designed as butterfly, dragonfly, unicorn, chicken, airplane including some known characters like Tinkerbell and angry bird. Creations also included the local mythical creature ‘manananggal’ but the one which shines the brightest was the dragon, awarded as the most beautiful kite.


As the event’s objectives are to unite families and foster camaraderie, children were given the chance to create their own kite with their parents. Materials were given free, composing of adhesive, crayons and papers with a layout of different animal designs like butterfly, birds and chicken.

“This is the best form of recreation for children instead of playing computer games because the air is free and healthy, kite flying festival and workshop should be conducted yearly,” said Virgie Cristobal, Kite Flying Coordinator and a two-time Champion in the Kite Flying Festival-Professional Category.

Virgie shared that kite making is very affordable and can be done with less effort, “One minute is enough in creating the kite and it can be done alone.”

Introducing the basic kite making to children did not end it all; the sky was once again painted with colorful animal figures as the kids experienced flying their own-made kites in the air after the competition.

1st Runner-up (Non-Proffesional Category)

1st Runner-up (Professional Category)

Yes, it was I with the ‘mulawin’ inspired kite

Kite Flying Non-professional Category:

Professional Category:

Other Photos:

I hated the day I met you, but I can’t stop myself from falling all over again

I hated when you smile then later frown, I hated it when you make me feel special afterwards left me hanging, I hated when you stay at my side then later on move yourself away, I hated how your simple smile and gestures made me giggle,I hated when you are telling me you missed me but you’re not letting me feel it, I hate it when you’re sweet then later on become serious, I hate it when you smile at me because it makes me admire you even more, I hated when we are having our own conversation and your phone will beep then you will get distracted

I hated the moment you stop telling me you love me and the fact that I am longing to hear that 3-word phrase again, I hated it when your attention is not fully mine, I hated that I am falling for you and that I never knew what you felt about me, And what I hate the most is the fact that I am loving you without even knowing if you can love me too.

“It’s more Fun-tastic in Subic, Philipppines”

It was 12 midnight but everyone’s eyes was still wide open; the usual busy night street had yet become busier, flooded with excited people preparing and midnight almost felt like noon although the sun was constantly kept hidden.  I along with my mom, boyfriend and friend were the few of those who planned to join the whole barangay’s outing where every person was invited to join. It sounds awkward at first to join hundreds of people whom not everyone was a close friend but I insisted to come, it will be a once in a lifetime experience, a unique one, another different journey—One part of exploring the adventurous world and it was my first time to join a barangay outing.


1 a.m.: assembly time

2:30 a.m.: departure

6 a.m.: arrival at Olongapo, Subic- Philippines.

Bus ExperienceDays before the outing, I eavesdropped. I heard that the bus we will be using to reach Subic will be the ordinary bus, imagine a 36 degrees celcius temperature combined with no-aircon bus,.  After seeing the bus with my naked eyes, I had proven the hearsay was right, it was ordinary, it looks old and I assumed that we might be like sardines inside placed in an oven to be toasted. People assembled outside at 1 a.m., everyone hurried as they wanted to be the first to ride. There’s a seating capacity and a seat number for everyone however the seat was not enough for all the passengers making the vehicle very crowded because many people decided to join almost the last-minute, and include one of my friend, Melissa and my boyfriend, Jonas to that.


Beside me were my boyfriend, Jonas, then my friend, Melissa and my mom


Our crowded situation, but we’re settled

The Arrival

It was after sunrise– The air was crisp, fresh and the heat was good when we arrived in Subic.


 After reaching the place, I and my friend Melisa were disappointed because people were disorder, we can’t even find the cottage where we should stay. People had their own faction and for a minute, we were like an outcast and marginalized but not after we found our own cottage. The first  hour was boring until we decided to explore and walk until we reached the isolated end, it was peaceful, awesome and fantastic. The water was clear, place was clean, It made us happy. We took pictures of ourselves, we have had our own photo shoot.

Drink till’ you drop

 After the photo shoot, it’s another time for session and alcohol. one Mojitos Tequila partnered with calamansi juice and three bottle of gin mixed with brown coffee and melon juice. Before all the bottles were finished, we just can’t stop laughing and that was an indication of the alcohol’s effect. It was a fun-filled moment, I almost don’t want that to end.

While Drinking (Somehow sober):

Alcohol started to influence us: We started to made fun of other people

More photos to be uploaded in my next blog! 🙂