Food and Boredom


” I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger”


Shenanigans on a Saturday Night

What’s Saturday without little naughtiness and excitement?

With them all.

Lhan’s 20th. People get old, That’s reality


When fun is just about to start

From left to right: Shirim.Luvim.Myself.Lhan (The celebrant). Ferdie.John

More photos:


The Crazy girls:


And for the win…

Cheers! Happy birthday Lhan! 🙂 




Love or Obsession?

Everyday I’m scared,

I might lose you,

you might disappear

leaving me in despair

Am I holding you,

when all you want is to break-free?

Am I being selfish?

Or I’m just paranoid?


I love you


The idea of losing you,

it kills me

I’d rather die;

Than to see you

in the arms of other woman

I love you 

I hope you love me like the way I wanna be loved.

It might be impossible,

but I will never stop hoping

but will try not to expect

for expecting,

is another form of torture

Oh boy, 

Is this obsession?