As I Come Across Former President’s First Lady

I was about to enter Makati Med Hospital’s entrance to attend a scheduled press conference when I suddenly realized I was blocking someone’s way considering I was in the center. I step aside and noticed two bodyguards in white accompanying a woman in Yellow Green Filipiniana with hair piled up high on the head, it was the usual bun hairstyle or the so-called “big mamon hair” until it finally came to my senses, “oh, it’s the former President’s First Lady” and the iconic character in Philippine history, Imelda Marcos.

Speechless, yes for a second I was. I’m not a fan of the Marcos nor  a hater but it was a different feeling seeing her personally, imagine the excitement when that iconic someone is so near that you want to talk to them, or made yourself known to them, that was the unexpected feeling I had. I haven’t mastered my Philippine history subject but with very little that I know and heard about Mrs. Marcos, I seem not to like her because of her material obsession which is for me, is not a good example. I always hear about her jewelry collections, her bags and other excessive possessions and I used to “almost” hate her, but not to the extent of what you might be thinking because it’s more of a personal opinion.

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She’s unique and with her old age, her fashion remains. Imagine a woman going in the hospital wearing Filipiniana, It’s only her, the one and only.

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