Random Thoughts…

  • I want a Pomeranian dog
  • When will I be sexy?
  • I want a dad, I miss my dad
  • I love him
  • Sex tonight? No way!
  • Don’t kiss and tell, stop being a jerk
  • I played
  • Stop pretending, it’s too late
  • Skinny deep
  • Megan Fox is pregnant? So what!
  • I want to drink…tonight but I can’t
  • You’re an asshole
  • My favorite teddy bear is Chuchi, and she is pink
  • Jonas Biolena, I love you
  • I want to swim
  • Beach! Sun! Sand!
  • I miss you
  • Lemon and Tequila
  • I’m crazy
  • I want to stop this craziness
  • for real!


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