The Cotton beneath my Gum.

For four years or more, we have been together, In good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health. But now you need to leave me and I need to remove you in my system, in my everyday life. You brought some pain in my life, some misery but you made me better. And now is the time to let you go, BRACES.


Four years ago, I was the girl with the protruding, misaligned and crowded teeth who barely had the hardship pronouncing the “s” sound. When snake should be pronounced as “is-neyk”, I’d rather spoke it like “ith-neyk” and my pronouncement of “s” had worsen over years– and that was when braces started to be mainstream and hip. I wanted to be in braces for fashion’s sake but argued to my parents that it is my necessity (So I would be able to convince them), So I did! I used to be good in raising arguments especially with my mom and dad. Even with imperfect teeth, I know very well that my teeth does not look worst externally and I could have survived without it. But because I wanted to be cute, hippy and go with the flow, I decided to have braces. If I am not mistaken, It was before our Juniors-Seniors prom that I started wearing braces, I used to believe that it was cute and cool.

It scares me a little at first because I always overheard different conversations and opinions about wearing braces, some say it was painful like hell and that they cannot eat properly. That “not eating” properly used to become my motivation because I thought that I might get thin because I cannot properly eat. But after having my own braces, I  have proven every hearsay wrong. It was not an over-acting pain although it somehow hurts, It was a tolerable pain and take note, after a week I can already eat fried chicken, If there’s a will there’s a way! Hahahaha. So never believe something unless you’ve proven it yourself. (But exempt God’s existence in that statement because that’s the talk of faith, and it’s different).

Little by little, My “s” sound started to be better, the “eth” became “es”, and that was the unplanned benefit of having my braces. After a month, my dentist explained that it is really important for me to have braces because my jaw tends to lock and braces will be the best cure. And those were the unexpected benefits of my braces. Which in hundred thousand days and million seconds , I never thought of.

But after getting what I wanted, I became lazy and I used to delay my monthly dentist visit for braces adjustment, so the development of my teeth became slow resulting in my 4-year braces. Had I been regularly attending my schedules, my braces would have been removed earlier.

One day ago, I finally get rid of my braces and it was a big change for me, I became uncomfortable without it. I felt like a part of me was taken away and I also had the feeling of having a cotton under my gum. I get used to being conscious with compacted food leftovers in between my teeth and braces then the part of using my tongue to make sure my teeth were clear. And now, I still feel like rolling my tongue in between my teeth to ensure that there were no compacted leftovers, and that was one weird thing about having braces. I missed being paranoid especially when I eat foods or viands like dinuguan where from time to time, I need to check in the mirror.

Now I am Brace-Free but will say hello to Retainer tomorrow.After four years, I can finally brush my teeth vertically again, up-down, up-down.

And that was the long story never shortened. 🙂

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