Dengue Statistics: My Initial task

The recorded dengue cases from January-March 2012 decreased in number compared to last year’s same time period where the most number of fatalities included 1-10 years age group.

In surveillance report by Department of Health (DOH), 16,511 (28.96%) dengue cases were recorded in nationwide hospitals in the Philippines lower than last year’s 23,241 comprising mostly of male victims.

The recorded dengue cases within the three-month time period in 2011 and 2012 happened mostly in the month of January with 10,710 and 7,865 cases recorded respectively.

In the said survey, 38% percent of fatalities belonged to the 1-10 years age group followed by 40 years and 31-40 age groups while the lowest fatalities belonged to the 21-30 years age group.

Most of the dengue cases recorded occurred in  NCR with 27.4%, followed by region III, 23.1% and Region IV-A with 16.9 %.The total Cases Fatality Rate (CFR) recorded in 2011 and 2012 were 145 (0.62%) and 88 (0.53%) respectively.

P.S. This news story is only a portion of the whole story that my mentor will be doing. She only tasked me to do the statistic interpreting thingy, and that was the hardest because I’m not good at that. And by the way, this is not yet edited. To reiterate, this is only a portion and this is not yet the whole news, that’s why you may find so many missing information and a fucked up lead. And since this is not yet the whole, I am allowed to publish it. Hahaha


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