I am Your Trainee, Maam.

This day is a busy one, It exhausts me. I do not usually narrate about what happened to my everyday life, but now.. please allow me.

It’s a miracle that I was able to wake myself and get up very early knowing that my body clock has already changed since summer vacation. I woke up at around 6 a.m. to prepare myself and the things i need so I could attend the indoor cycling class by 7:30 a.m. and my OJT (On-the-job training) orientation by 10 a.m. Luckily, I made it although I was late in the orientation because of the forever manila traffic.And by the way, I’m never the early bird! Allow me to let you know that I am always late, I can’t help it.

OJT- ‘The Philippine Star’ Newspaper

I’m an incoming senior who will be taking my practicum  this summer and I will be starting tomorrow. I had a mixed emotion, I’m excited but scared that I might not meet their expectations; I love to write but I’m not yet a good writer. I always try to think that someday I can write better, that someday I will be your future credible broadcast journalist.

Tomorrow is my first leg work! I will be attending a Dengue Summer Press Conference in heritage hotel and since it will be my first experience, I can’t stop myself from being scared. I have so many things in mind, “What will happen tomorrow?”, “What to do?”, “How will I deal with all the pressure?”, “Am I capable?” and etc…CAN I BE A GOOD WRITER SOMEDAY?

But to sum my emotion up, the feeling of excitement is still dominant especially if I am passionate with what I will be doing. It excites me that I can finally apply everything that I’ve learned in my chosen degree and somehow, I can already have a glimpse of my future career and how it feels like to be a media practitioner. I don’t know how and I don’t know why.. but I am very eager to develop my verbal and written communication skills. I am a dreamer, and a believer.


After attending the orientation, I went to my dentist to FINALLY, after four years…remove my braces. It was also a mixed emotion, the feeling of excitement that I can finally get rid of it and the feeling of sadness because I will miss my braces. (I will share my story and experiences in a different blog).

After a long time spent in my dentist, I went back to the gym to workout again (That is my addiction, can’t stop myself). 2 hours in the gym again, body combat and body step until I finally felt exhausted and now, I’m home and blogging. xoxo

3 thoughts on “I am Your Trainee, Maam.

  1. Good luck on your OJT and wish you all the best in your career and OHHH MYY GODDD! CONGRATULATION on having your braces off… Wow 4 years, that’s way fucking too long, I’m looking forward for your post about it and PICTURES LOL.. geez I’m jealous, now I can’t wait 😀

    • Hi, Rain right? Thank you!! It lasted for four years because I am lazy. I don’t always come on my adjustment schedule. I still had the feeling of wanting my braces back although it’s better now, hahaha. I am hoping to have a proper conversation with you next time! 🙂

      • Yep, that’s me 😀 No worries, yeah I had been a bad brace-face patient too. haha. But it was really cool after the long run, you had done with it and now you can put the best smile ever. Cheers to that! congrats again and no worries, let’s have a real girl talk some other time 😀

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