Double Sided Faces

Should they be labeled as the giant crocodiles?

It takes a lot of courage to choose a job where one’s life can always be at risk. A job with a small monthly salary yet suffers from the shadow of improper judgment and stereotyping. To be a police officer is without doubt one of the most challenging job.

Policemen play a very vital role in the Philippines and they are essential in order to maintain peace and order. However, most of them are experiencing poverty that may be a result of small starting pay of P13,492 monthly. A previous study conducted by University of the Philippines (UP) varieties and the CORPS foundation in 2002 shows that six out of ten policemen are poor and according to the same study, 90 percent had debts to governments and 50 percent had no bank savings.

With the poverty that some of the police officers experience, they still chose to stay in the job and serve the country. Not all, but many of them still remain passionate and loyal to their chosen profession and it is a mistake to view each and everyone as the same. A wrong action of one colleague is not the basis of labeling them.

The devotion of some police officers to their job should never be questioned. Even with imperfections, they still serve as a role model to some young people who believe in their capability to fight crime and violence. As a good result, those young people strive hard to be like them.

However, white always comes with black; goodness comes with evil. Due to different reasons, many were tempted and bribed. One of the negative effects of small monthly salary is their attempt to put the justice in their own hands by accepting bribe money. They can be willing to do anything for money maybe because of their craving to remove themselves out of poverty.

Some police officers are also involved in illegal transactions and tolerated wrongdoings of other people; some used their power for their personal desires. The crime rate in the Philippines is increasing every year and policemen have the biggest challenge to fight against it.

Every person should open their eyes to reality; the reality that he has to perform his own role in the society. One must work hard to achieve peace and unity by seeing the beauty in every aspect of life’s difficulty and appreciating one’s effort and achievement.

It is never right to use the “Buwaya” (Crocodiles) as a label to greedy people because they are just innocent animals who fight to survive.

The blame should not always be to the police– It is not my purpose to defend the policemen or put dirt beside their name, I only think that it is proper to give them fair treatment and judgment in a country where poverty is rampant. People’s stereotype view cannot be easily changed with a blink of an eye but with great effort of both sides to fight against crime and violence, we will one day be a society who trusts the police.

P.S.  I submitted this article for the final requirements in our Political Dynamics subject and I chose the policemen as my topic because my dad is one of them.

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