Different messages from unknown numbers pointing to one source.

“Sorry for getting your number from him, just want to be one of the luckiest person who knows you or be your friend, hoping” is one example of the text message I received today. 

Those people who texted me pointed a certain “Jester Escriba” from Emilio Aguinaldo College as the source, they said he gave them my number. I searched his name on Facebook and notices we have one mutual friend but that does not make me recognize him. His face is not even familiar, even our schools were different.

It is irritating when you can have no idea of who he is and what is his purpose of doing such things. Months ago, someone also texted me saying that my number was given by that unknown Jester. I can;’t think of any reasons why someone will annoy me the way he does, screw him.

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