He used to love you, Oh!

I saw this poem while I was on board train a while ago. Original version in Tagalog but I will be doing my own English translation. Will share this because it caught my attention, hope you guys will like it too 🙂

The moment that I lost you, We both lose something

I, because you are the one I loved the most

And you, because I was the one who loved you the most

But between the two of us, you are the one who had a greater lost

Because I can still love someone like the way I loved you

but you can not anymore find someone to love you the way I did.

-Ernesto Cardenal (1925)

Original Version:

Nang mawala ka sakin, ikaw at ako’y nawalan

Ako dahil ikaw ang minahal ko ng lubusan

at ikaw dahil ako ang lubusan sayong nagmahal

Ngunit sa dalawa, ikaw ang higit na nawalan

Dahil pwede kong mahalin ang iba tulad ng pagmamahal ko sayo

Ngunit ika’y di mamahalin tulad nang kung paano kita minahal.

Oh, very cheesy


She’s not a princess

Have you ever felt that urge of wanting to see someone so badly,  to the point of imagining multiple scenarios that the both of you might be sharing? The feeling of excitement for someone’s affection; hugs, kisses. Yesterday I felt that, until today

A woman walked inside the mall and was planning to go home, she looked back and saw nothing but she had this little paranoia that someone was at her back and following her. She looked back again and still saw nothing.

A voice from afar murmured, she knows that voice, she’s completely sure she knows that voice. She heard of them before, that voice was typical but fascinating, the voice she long waited for. Time for her to turn around again but with disappointment she did not even see even a lone figure of what she expected. There was nothing but silence and darkness. It’s already the mall’s closing hours, the lights were already off even the elevator’s and escalators.

While nearing the exit door, someone hold her back, then down… that someone circled his arms around her waist. She smell of the same fragrance, felt the same grip and without any uncertainty, she turned around and hug him tightly. Tears started to fall from her eyes, tears of joy she whispered.

“surprise,” the guy told her.

She was happy again.

And that was a small portion of my weird imagination as I was about to go home last night after working out. My boyfriend’s home today after a 1-month Thailand vacation and I felt this longing, the unusual excitement to see him, kiss him, hug him tight and made him feel that he means a lot to me.

Sometimes, we will know someone’s worth when we started to feel how our life will be like without them, and that’s exactly what I realized.Gone are the days that I took you for granted, enough of the pain I brought you. ❤

PH endemic for malaria, WHO says

-Marjorie Duran, Nina Uy

The Philippines is one of 10 countries that are endemic to malaria with 900 reported deaths in 2010, World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday.

Studies show that Malaria was estimated to take the lives of 216M people worldwide and kills 655, 000 yearly.

Other countries included in top ten are Cambodia, China, The Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, The Republic of Korea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, Dr Shin Young-soo encourages Western Pacific countries to fight malaria through the use of simple insecticide-treated mosquito nets that has been proven to decrease child deaths by around 20% and malaria cases by half.

Studies suggested the use of malaria control tools, including access to effective prevention, accurate diagnosis and prompt and reliable treatment could save more lives.

“Successful malaria control improves not only the health of people living in high-risk areas, but also their productivity and overall well being,” Shin said.

Malaria is a curable but life-threatening disease transferred to people through infected mosquito bites. It is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes which are capable of malaria transmission.

WHO celebrated World Malaria Day 2012 last April 25 with this year’s theme, “Sustain Gains. Save Lives. Invest in Malaria” to promote people’s awareness and emphasize that half the world’s population is at risk for malaria.

“National malaria programmes need to ensure widespread population access to life-saving and cost-effective interventions,” Shin said.

As I Come Across Former President’s First Lady

I was about to enter Makati Med Hospital’s entrance to attend a scheduled press conference when I suddenly realized I was blocking someone’s way considering I was in the center. I step aside and noticed two bodyguards in white accompanying a woman in Yellow Green Filipiniana with hair piled up high on the head, it was the usual bun hairstyle or the so-called “big mamon hair” until it finally came to my senses, “oh, it’s the former President’s First Lady” and the iconic character in Philippine history, Imelda Marcos.

Speechless, yes for a second I was. I’m not a fan of the Marcos nor  a hater but it was a different feeling seeing her personally, imagine the excitement when that iconic someone is so near that you want to talk to them, or made yourself known to them, that was the unexpected feeling I had. I haven’t mastered my Philippine history subject but with very little that I know and heard about Mrs. Marcos, I seem not to like her because of her material obsession which is for me, is not a good example. I always hear about her jewelry collections, her bags and other excessive possessions and I used to “almost” hate her, but not to the extent of what you might be thinking because it’s more of a personal opinion.

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She’s unique and with her old age, her fashion remains. Imagine a woman going in the hospital wearing Filipiniana, It’s only her, the one and only.


Random Thoughts…

  • I want a Pomeranian dog
  • When will I be sexy?
  • I want a dad, I miss my dad
  • I love him
  • Sex tonight? No way!
  • Don’t kiss and tell, stop being a jerk
  • I played
  • Stop pretending, it’s too late
  • Skinny deep
  • Megan Fox is pregnant? So what!
  • I want to drink…tonight but I can’t
  • You’re an asshole
  • My favorite teddy bear is Chuchi, and she is pink
  • Jonas Biolena, I love you
  • I want to swim
  • Beach! Sun! Sand!
  • I miss you
  • Lemon and Tequila
  • I’m crazy
  • I want to stop this craziness
  • for real!


Longing and Distress

Can’t you make me feel significant or at least make me remember how you played the role in my life?

You were there to act as if you’ll give me everything, maybe pretending you’ll give me your world but how dare you put me aside? In times when I need someone like you in my life– A figure to protect me, to make me strong and to make me believe that family does not only exist in my poor imagination but also in reality. You should have been here. You should have noticed how I was when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m hyperventilating.


I never talked about my longing, I always pretend that everything is okay, or i must say, will be okay. You see me smile and behind those curved lips was a swollen eyes and a moping woman. Yes, a woman. Have you even noticed? I’m older and stronger. When was the last time you played your role? You thought you gave me what I needed but you never really did. You thought what you were giving me was enough? Let me tell you this, those things can never cover you defect.

I wanted to have you, to have us. I wanted to live a normal life. The normal dinner served, the normal happy moments that we should have had. I had been very eager to feel normal. But as I grew older, I realized life cannot be as simple as I wanted it to be. Life is not like a Facebook game where a cheat can always be downloaded. Life is a constant battle, a struggle to live your own and survive. I only wished a very little portion of what you should have given me. An ample time we could spend, an ample time to make me feel that you’re still there… that your existence may not be felt, but you haven’t completely leave me. But where were those minutes or hours that I must have??

where are you?


As much as I want to, I cant.

I realize how my life will be without my laptop and the internet, it will be bloody miserable!

Haven’t been blogging for days for the very reason that my laptop’s charges screwed up and I still has not bought a new one for a different reason again, I’m also bloody busy.

I’ve been working from morning until afternoon (internship), covering different events, attending press conferences and working out in the gym  afterward. I’m also miserable because I can’t fully enjoy summer. Poor me! But one thing’s for sure, I am happy with I am doing although it really exhausts me.

My time is very limited that’s why I cannot talk much, but I will blog regularly soon.

-Marjorie xoxo.

He’s so hot, I fell in love with him last night

I fell in love with him, in my dream last night. He’s really awesome! Tyler Lockwood of Vampire Diaries.



In my dream, I’m in love with him! I am surrounded with vampire friends and I’m human. Tyler Lockwood is not the lead role in Vampire Diaries but he really grabbed my attention most, he’s sizzling hot. hahaha

Source: Google

Anti-Spitting Bill

DOH (Department of Health) Assistant Secretary supposes that anti-spitting bill is not going to be effective and enforceable even if intentions are good.

Dr. Eric Tayag said in a text message that current science does not put anti-spitting having a significant impact on preventing spread of different diseases because the germs contained in spit generally die outside the body.

The House Bill 5901 also known as Anti-spitting Act of 2011, proposed by AVE (Alliance of Volunteer) party-list Representative Eulogio Magsaysay is an act that prohibits the spitting of saliva and other substances in public areas such as the malls, schools, churches, sidewalks and other public areas.

The said bill proposes a fine of P500 for first offense, P1,000 for the second offense, and P2,000 for the third offense to anyone caught violating rules or may face a jail term of six months.

Tayag said that we should just encourage people not to spit in public.

“Anti-Spiting is not going to work unless somebody catches the spit, then nothing spreads,” he added.