His ‘Most-Awaited’ Day

I just want him to be happy, to enjoy life and celebrate–simply because it’s his birthday.

Yesterday might be just an ordinary day for people, but not for him. I was the witness to his excitement and preparations before yesterday came. He turned 20, and he’s not anymore in “teen” line (Oh, I hate to say that) Hahaha

Jonas Biolena, My boyfriend.


*Our photo taken month ago.


Before March 24 (His birthday) was my finals week in Ust, I was so busy then that I still had to try my best to insert a little time for shopping just to choose what gift to give him. I spent time choosing gift and i ended up buying a piece of what he requested (Although at that time, I wasn’t sure if he can appreciate my choice). I was disappointed because i wanted to help him prepare for that day but my schoolwork were the hindrance to that desire. Until now, i still have regrets why I was not able to do what I wanted to do.

Morning of March 24, I planned to go to their house early so I could hep him prepare but thesis sucks.And because I still need to do something for our thesis that morning, I woke up at around 7am taking into consideration that I slept at around 2a.m. because of the same reason. I thought that I can already proceed to their house after that thesis thing but I am no superwoman! My body was half deteriorating, maybe telling me to give myself a time to rest… So I slept. I left our house after lunch, but instead of going straight to his house I still go to mall because i felt like the gift that I bought days ago might not be enough so i decided to buy another piece. ( We’ve been together for already 5 years but i don’t know why I still want to please him).

Ofcourse, I wasted another freaking hours in the mall. I arrived in their house, afternoon. They are almost done preparing foods and it was also another disappointment on my part. I wanted to be there, I wanted to help, I should have been there. However, I still tried my best to help although i know i can only contribute very little.


After the day’s preparation, I saw how exhausted he was, he was even perspiring too much. It was already 7pm but he still had no visitors, maybe because it was raining, and I saw the disappointment in his eyes. and I was silently praying, silently thinking, “Rain rain go away” and “visitors please come our way”.

Electricity blackout at around 7 p.m. almost made me overreact, but it was a relief that after a second or more there was light again. ( Hello, kung umuulan na nga ng malakas tapos wala ng pupuntang bisita tapos magbrown-out pa… Paano na lang?). I don’t want that most-awaited day to be just another epic failure.

However, it was late 8p.m. that finally, visitors started to came. I was glad. Thank God!!!! I am glad his friends made it. and i am also happy because I was given that chance to be with those people whom he value and love. I saw he was happy although he was visibly tired. That chance to get to bond with his family and his high school friends. I also believe he is blessed with good friends, and i hope i can always see him happy because his happiness is tantamount to an admission that his day has been successful.