The Inevitability of Aging

It hurts to see someone you love in pain, especially when that someone is your grandfather.

I cannot deny the fact that it was painful— Seeing him in bed, unable to stand independently. He was never the perfect grandfather; he has lots of flaws and wrongdoings too. He used to be that grandfather, whom they say, has favoritism. But that doesn’t matter much for me, because the funny thing is: I am one of his favorite grandchildren and I am sure of that. And I am also certainly sure about one thing: I love him.


Tatay, as we usually call him. He was hospitalized last night though I cannot specify his disease because he already has too many complications. I think it is normal; He’s old and aging.

“If you are really very eager to extend his life, then we should proceed to his dialysis,” his doctor said. But the family decided not to push through with a dialysis, certainly for a valid reason. He’s already weak and the family believes that his body cannot anymore endure that pain; the best way is for him to rest and take his medication.

He is already home today, resting. Thank God! I am just hoping that he will not be in pain again.

To reiterate, I write this because I love him and the idea of him being sick gives me pain. However, I know God has plans, and whatever those plans are… I’m trying to be ready. You guys know what I mean.


This was tatay 2 months ago, wishing he could still be as healthy and strong like this.

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