The comeback

It’s been years since I last wrote a blog on this site…

I decided to write again with the inspiration of a friend who is a regular blogger, Arnelainejill (and I hope I spelled your complicated name right). Why I stopped blogging? Simply because I thought of one thing: Why would I use WordPress if no one can even read any of my posts? But now i think twice, It’s not about them, It’s about me.

This entire month has been very stressful and I would admit that the best medicine is by writing. It is through writing that I can express my happiness or frustrations. And now I write because I am frustrated. Yes, I am. I surely am. AND FORGIVE ME IF I WILL BE EMOTIONAL.

Time swiftly slipped through my fingers yet I still feels like I am this immature little girl who tends to be vulnerable and emotionally weak. I face my everyday life trying to be better but ends up being worst, I see no improvement as i grow older, and this freaking reality irritates me. Why am I not good? Why am I who i am? were basically the questions I asked myself because I always feel worthless. It’s just hard when you feel like you are people’s last option. I might be saying too much and i think I must sleep. Let’s end this drama.

But a tweet from a friend made me smile just right before I finished blogging, and it goes like this..

“You’re white and you’re a bitch by nature. That made you my white bitch :)”  -Kim B.

Good night everyone! Hugs!

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